Zombie wars!

Jack and Zac were playing Nerf wars in the woods at midnight [because they were both 15].
“Zac! Check this out! There’s this weird writing on this tree. Maybe it’s in a different language.” It was in hieroglyphics. Zac knew this was in hieroglyphics. And he had this book to translate in English. So he looked in his backpack to find it. He got it out. He calculated what it said.                                          “It says…DO NOT OPEN THIS DOOR! ZOMBIES HAVE BEEN LOCKED INSIDE! PLEASE TAKE THIS MESSAGE SERIOUSLY! WE HAVE EXPERIENCED THESE ZOMBIES ATACKING THE TOWN! THESE ZOMBIES HAVE BEEN LOCKED IN FOR DECADES! THEY COULD STILL BE ALIVE!!!”

He screamed to Jack! The door was next to the tree, covering a liitle bit of it with sticks and grass.

“Zac!, You don’t have to scream! I’m right next to you!” He explained. These naughty boys didn’t take this serious at ALL!  “Oi, Zac? We should open this door! I dare you too!” Wow, Jack had no idea what he was doing.

“What if it’s serious? That’s probably why it’s in capitals!”

“That’s it! I’ve hade enough of your stupid comments! It could just say that so nobody would open the door! They could be a lot of money or something.” And then? You guessed it, without thinking, he opened the door.                                              “…”                                                                                                            “Oh, Jack, you were right! I’m relieved. But wait. There’s nothing in there.” Zac spoke too soon! An arm popped out. It was dark in there, they couldn’t see anything. Zac turned on his phone light…                                                                                    “ZOMBIES!!!” They both screamed their heads off in fear! They were surrounded by zombies. They tried to lock the door but one zombie was too fast and broke off the door. They had seen what is going too happen. First, they went to all the people in Beach city and warned the town to evacuate.


Everyone was frightened, they had no idea what was going to happen. So, they did what Zac and Jack said. They ran and ran. The zombies had been locked in there for years! They wanted revenge! They chased after the innocent people grabbing them and ripping them to peices and gobbling them up. Jack and Zac had to do something! They called the police, the hurried and hid.                                                                                                                                                            “Hello, police!? Someone has opended the zombie door and the zombies are stricking the innocents down!” He reported. So he ended the call. The police came in a hurry, loaded with tons of weapons, and loads of tranqualizer darts. They shot all the zombies [well, tried to] and got some of them down. But the zombies saw them coming, they had weapons [guns and swords.] and killed a lot of police men and women. Blood went flying all over the place! Peopls limbs, their bones, their brains!, the zombies have green blood. But luckily, the zombies didn’t expect the tranqualizer darts! The police shot them and killed the zombies. They were all knocked out. Non of them died! [Oh, yeah, zombies can’t die, they already DEAD!] That’s really funny!] The police quickly grabbed all the zombies and put them in the zombie room. The police called all the people back in to beach city.                                “Sorry Beach city, I’m the one who opened the door.” Jack admitted. As soon as the police heard that, they throwed Jack into the zombie room!                                                                               “Hey! That was my friend! That was mean!” Zac roared.                                                                          “I don’t care! He killed all my friends! And he could’ve killed everyone in Beach city!”

WOW! That’s mean!


One thought on “Zombie wars!

  • 06/11/2018 at 2:01 pm

    I loved this zombie wars is a perfect monster story well done saj


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