Undertale Characters – Spoilers!

Undertale is a game where you play aound as a human in a monsters world. It is a fun game to play as you can make lots of friends, or you can go RPG and kill everyone in your path. In this article I will tell you all about the characters from start to end. Undertale wiki: Main characters. I had to limit down the characters because there are that many. Here are some of the main characters in the game.

Main Characters:

Frisk/Chara: they are a fallen human that you play as. You can change the name of Frisk to anything you want! Frisk is filled with “determination” through out the game and that is what it’s based about, keeping determination to get back home with new friends. Chara is the killer version of Frisk and her cachfrase is “who do you think is in control?” Chara is the first human that fell into the underworld and is an uncontrollable character. Her relationships with Asriel (adopted brother), Asgore (adopted farther) and Torial (adopted mother) was really close until she got ill and died on a flower bed of golden flowers. Frisk (the fallen human) is on  mission to go back to the normal world with his friends while Chara is trying to stop him getting friends.

Sans: has a younger brother called Papyrus. He is a lazy bones that can teleport and has many jobs but is somehow always on break. “i’m sans. sans the skeleton.” – Sans. Sans’ text is in Comic Sans MS. He hates making promises but he makes a major one to Toriel to keep the fallen human safe. At the end if you chose the RPG way, Sans will go onto a boss fight. Sans boss fight! He has a magic flashing blue eye and has powers to turn your soul blue and crashes you unto the wall where deadly bones are that you have to avoid. Sans tells skeleton jokes all the time that annoys Papyrus.Normal

Papyrus: is a spaghetti and puzzle loving skeleton and younger brother of Sans. He is a human hunter but he is not very good at his job. “I WILL BE THE ONE! I MUST BE THE ONE! I WILL CAPTURE A HUMAN! THEN I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS… WILL GET ALL THE THINGS I UTTERLY DESERVE!” – Papyrus. He wants to be part of the royal grads but he has to capture a Hume to be in be he made friends with one instead. Papyrus’ text is in (what do you expect?) Papyrus. Papayrus hates his brother’s jokes and puns and just can’t stand them at all. During Papayrus’ boss fight, his is one of a few where you can “flirt” with him. Papyrus’ boss fight… Papyrus’ death version

Flowey: is the first character you meat in the game. “Howdy! I’m FLOWEYFLOWEY the FLOWER!” “Here it is KILL or BE killed.” – Flowey. Flowey calles himself a GOD in his boss fight. At the end Flowey killes the king Asgore and grabs all 6 souls. Flowey boss fight (Omega Flowey). Flowey lies about LV (level) and calls it love, and “to get love you have to catch “friendliness pellets” to level up your [love]. Flowey was Toriel and Asgore’s  son who died when he was taking Chara back to the human world when she died.

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