Umbrella Love

Ronnie the tattered umbrella sat in the umbrella stand, longing to get out the room and dance about in the glistening rain. Soon enough, her owner would throw her away and buy a new umbrella.

There was another umbrella, but he was placed in the depths of the bulky coats. His name was Joey. He would often see Ronnie on the way out of the house, but never got a chance to speak to her, as their owner was always in a rush to get outside. It always rained, so Ronnie was always used to protect the owner from Heaven’s teardrops.

One evening, the owner went out for dinner, and as usual, it rained so Ronnie was out too. That gave Joey an idea!

“Perhaps, if I can’t speak to her about my feelings, I can write to her!” Joey thought, impressed with his sudden idea. The problem was, he didn’t have hands! Joey hopped off Bella the coat hanger and decided to ask her if she could write for him.

“Uh…I’m not really made for that, but I’ll give it a go.” Bella said. She swiped a pen and a sheet of paper. Joey hopped beside her.

“Tell Ronnie that I really like her, and uhh…maybe she could meet me at a certain time? Midnight, perhaps?” Joey suggested.

“Done!” Bella exclaimed, handing over the paper to Joey. “You can thank me later, I would prefer a box of chocolates or roses, or maybe a hat!” she gabbed. And with that, she bounced over to her usual position at the door.

Joey looked down at the paper. It was written in neat cursive letters, each one clear. He was happy with the idea of sending letters, but where would he put it? What if the owner notices? His mind was drowning in questions until Bella shouted from across the hallway,

“You can put it in the umbrella stand! D’you want me to put it in an envelope?” she announced.

“I’ll just keep it as it is!” Joey shouted back.

“It’ll look messy? Are you sure?” Bella enquired.

“I’m sure!” Joey shouted back. He tried to make it look as fancy as possible, but he only managed to put on a simple stamp.

“Oh well, the important thing is, she’ll read it!” Joey thought to himself. He pranced over to the umbrella stand and placed the letter in there. For now, he would have to wait until Ronnie got home.

Hours passed, and Joey has half asleep until he heard the door open. Suddenly, he felt full of excitement and anxiety. Would Ronnie notice the letter, or wouldn’t she?

Ronnie was left in the umbrella stand, and saw the letter.

“What’s this?” she thought. The letter dropped open by itself, revealing the contents. She smiled to herself. “Well, if I’m going to speak with Joey, I’ll have to get all dolled up!” she laughed.

“Yes!” Joey thought. “She actually noticed the letter and is coming with me!” He tried to wriggle, but Bella quickly pushed him so he could keep still.

Ronnie went into the kitchen to see if there was anything so she could get ready. She was too happy!

It was the dead of midnight, and Joey quickly crept out of the coats to greet Ronnie. He was bustling with excitement!

“Umm…hi!” Joey grinned.

“Joey, right?” Ronnie asked. She didn’t really find anything in the kitchen, just a clean towel. She wrapped it around her like a shawl.

“I guess I really like you!” Joey gushed. Ronnie smiled back at him, blushing ever so slightly.

“This feels right,” Joey thought. “I think I should kiss her or something, I don’t know…a hug?” But before he could think it through, he found himself sharing a tender kiss with her. It felt right. Every week, they would meet up with each other and catch up, and just as they were getting close, Joey saw Ronnie crying.

“What happened?” Joey asked, confused.

“I overheard our owners talking and they’re going to throw me away! I’m too tattered!” she sobbed.

“No, no, no!” Joey thought. “We shared everything together, and this is how it ends?”

“They’re buying a new one tomorrow, so we have to make this moment last.” Ronnie said, accepting the fact she was going to be discarded.

“You can hide with me, or-or-or, stay at the back of the shoe rack!” Joey spluttered.

“No, Joey. Forget it. It’s not going to happen,” Ronnie sighed. “Bye-bye for me, I guess.”

Suddenly, Joey had another idea. He would make a farewell party for her!

“Let’s cancel this for tonight. Just wake up at 7 in the morning, and then you’ll see!” Joey exclaimed.

“Why?” Ronnie asked, but Joey ushered her away. Joey went back up onto Bella and whispered the plan.

“Yes! It’ll work, she’ll be happy!” Bella whispered back. By the time Ronnie was asleep, Joey and Bella set up the party. They blew balloons, created farewell cards and put up bunting.

Ronnie woke up to someone nudging her. Her eyes were full of life, like she never ran out of energy, and bounced down from the umbrella stand for the last time. As she walked into the living room, there were decorations everywhere! She gasped in total delight and gave Joey a quick peck on the cheek.

Bunting was strewn everywhere, and everyone had a great time. It made Ronnie sad to see that she was going, but she was super happy!

An hour later, Bella and Joey were cleaning up after the party.

“I’m happy she had fun!” Joey said, trying to pop the balloons.

“Yeah, it’ll be a shame she’d be thrown away like that.” Bella sighed.

They cleaned the house until it was spotless. It looked as if no-one had partied in the first place! After Bella went back to her place on the doorstep, Joey went to go find Ronnie.

“Hey, how are you?” Joey asked.

“I’m pretty upset, but hey, you’ll remember me, right?” Ronnie said playfully, nudging Joey in the side.

“Definitely.” Joey grinned, and with that, he kissed Ronnie sweetly. He would cherish this moment forever.

Later that night, a new umbrella took the place of Ronnie in the umbrella stand. His name was Fonzie. Obviously, Joey made friends with Fonzie, and they were best buds. But he would never, never forget Ronnie with her intricate patterns.

2 thoughts on “Umbrella Love

  • 02/09/2018 at 2:06 pm

    Awwwww! This story was so touching. As always, great job! Keep up the good work. 🙂

  • 02/09/2018 at 6:25 pm

    What a fab story! Keep writing. 👍


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