Top 20 Christmas presents for kids.

I’ve chosen this because I love presents and it celebrates a happy time of the year.

Going to your favourite football team, where you have never been before:

Image  Molineux Stadium (Wolverhampton Wanders F.C)

A signed football shirt:

Image result for ryan giggs hand signed football shirt

A famous singer calendars

Image result for ed sheeran calendars Ed Sheeran


Meeting famous Nickelodeon Actors/Actress:

Image result for lizzy greene Lizzy Greene     Image result for diego velazquez nickelodeonDiego Velazquez

Meeting your favourite football player:

Image result for david de geaDavid De Gea (goalkeeper)

Getting an Xbox or PlayStation:

Image result for x box or ps4

Going on holiday to a place you ave never been before:


Image result for dog on the beach

Getting your a board game you have always wanted:

Image result for glass chess set

Meeting your favourite Disney character:

Image result for real life timon and pumbaaTimon (the meerkat) and Pumbaa (the warthog)

A phone of your own:



Image result for iphone 10s

a famous Author:

Image result for david walliams David Walliams wrote the books: Gangsta Granny, Billionaire Boy, Grandpas Great Escape, Awful Auntie and lots more.

A bike of your own:

Image result for bikes for kids

Getting a video game of your choice:

 WWE 19 Wrestling

Getting a trampoline:

Related image

Getting your own television:

Related image


Meeting your favourite you tuber:

Image result for great david r Great David R

Getting your favourite drones:

Related image

Meeting your favourite wrestler:


Image result for wrestlers hornswoggle cartoon Hornswoggle

Getting your favourite watch you have always wanted:

Image result for watches

Getting your favourite DVD:

Image result for dvds 2018

I’ve put them in order 1-20 underneath. This is my opinion; whats yours?

  1. Favourite football stadium
  2. Singer calendars
  3. Actor/Actress
  4. Famous wrestler
  5. Holiday
  6. Football player
  7. Author
  8. Television
  9. You-tuber
  10. Phone
  11. Disney character
  12. Watch
  13. DVD
  14. Drone
  15. Video game
  16. Bike
  17. Trampoline
  18. Board game
  19. Xbox or PlayStation
  20. Signed football shirt

Will you have a different top 20 to me?



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