Top 10 Facts About British Birds

Top 10 Facts About British Birds

Hello and welcome back to Fab Mag! Todays article is about British birds! Lets get right into it!

Number 1

If I asked you what do birds eat you’d probably say something like… Bird food…. Worms…..Insects but did you ever think of… Fruit, peanuts and even coconut! You’d also be glad to hear that sparrows used to be meat eaters. Yep I said it! Just imagine a sparrow eating a small animal! But luckly since they lived so close to humans they changed their eating habits.


Number 2

What is the smallest bird in Britain? Well a lot of people say that it’s the wren but actually it’s the Goldcrest and the Firecrest, their adorable! Just take a look and see what they look like! Their the same size as a finger! How cute!

Image result for goldencrest and firecrest

Number 3

Your probably wondering what the biggest bird in Britain is, well it’s the Mute Swan! It’s wingspan is about 2.5 metres! And it weighs about 2kg! Just take a look and see for yourself! An adult mute swan is around 1.2 – 1.7 m long

Number 4

The most common British birds are the house sparrow, the starling, the Blackbird, the Blue tit, the chaffinch, the wood pigeon, the great tit, the goldfinch, the robin and finally the collared dove! Heres some pictures of them in order.

Related imageImage result for the chaffinchRelated image

Image result for the great titRelated imageRelated image


Image result for the collared dove


Number 5

The rarest British birds!

  1. The HawfinchHawfinch (Photo: WTML/A. Lewis Photography)
  2. Lesser spotted woodpecker Lesser spotted woodpecker (Photo: WTML/M Walker)
  3. The nightingale Nightingale (Photo: WTML/A. Lewis Photography)
  4. Capercallie (my favourite 😀 Just look how awesome it looks!!) Adult male blue Capercaillie (Photo: iStock)
  5. The Pied flycatcher Pied flycatcher (Photo: WTML/A Lewis Photography)
  6. The willow tit Willow tit (Photo iStock)
  7. The night jar Nightjar (Photo: iStock)
  8. The Spotted flycatcher Spotted flycatcher (Photo: WTML/A. Lewis Photoghraphy)
  9. The Wood warbler Wood warbler (Photo: iStock)
  10. Goshack Northern Goshawk (Photo iStock)And for Number 6…. hmmmmm… lets just watch some dancing birds and then we’ll get back on track 🙂

Number 7

Right! Lets end with some jokes and quick facts!

  1. Black birds only appeared in urban gardens in the 1830. Up util then they all lived in woods and heathland
  2. The Bluetit babys are very hungry little creatures so their parents collect on average 1000 insects for them to eat each day!
  3. Chaffinches have accents! Chaffinches from France sing different songs to those in the UK and even within the UK there is a variety in the songs of Chaffinches in the North, South, East and West.

Now some jokes!

Q : When should you buy a bird?

A: When it’s cheep

Q : There was a rooster sitting on a top of a barn. If it laid an egg, which way would it roll?
A: Roosters don’t lay eggs!

Q: What do you call a chicken in the 1960’s?
A: A funky chicken.

Q: Why do seagulls fly over the sea?
A: Because if they flew over the bay, they’d be baygulls!

Q: How does a bird with a broken wing manage to land safely?
A: With its sparrowchute.

Now lets boogie!

Soooooo…. that is the end of my article I hope to see you soon! Bye bye!



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  • 10/03/2017 at 4:49 pm

    Another multi-media adventure! Blue tilt parent sure work hard to feed the chicks! I’ll watch my bird table with more wisdom, thanks to you.

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    I can’t believe Sparrows were meat eaters!

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    The Night Jar looked like wood with eyes and a beak


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