Tips & Tricks for minecraft

  • The most efficient way I found out how to farm sand and gravel was to break the bottom block and place a torch there as quick as possible. Doing that breaks the tower of sand or gravel from the top to the bottom.
  • If you want to get every block on a tree but just can’t reach that top one, try leaving the bottom block intact and then jump on it to get the rest. Once done, harvest the bottom. If you still can’t reach higher after using this, you’ll have to place a block such as dirt below you to boost yourself up higher.
  • If you’re struggling to make all your diamond/iron armour patterns you can simply craft a chest plate, boots and helmet at the same time; how? You put in all the recipes for the 3 armour pieces for example

Diamond x2                Nothing                Diamond x2

Diamond x3                Diamond x2          Diamond x3

Diamond x2                Diamond x1          Diamond x2

I will edit more 🙂

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  • 11/06/2015 at 9:56 am

    Fantastic article Harry! I’m sure this will help out a lot of people!


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