Things to look out for in autumn ^u^

Here are a few things to look out for in the wonderful season of autumn. It has a lot to look at and collect, this article will make you realise what a beautiful world we live in.

1.Colour changing leaves! In autumn the leaves around us start to go from a green, vibrant colour to a mild orange and brown. You can collect a various selection of them big or small. And if you like a particular one you’ve picked up you can paint one side, then press it down on a piece of paper to create nicely decorated paper for scrapbooking or card making.

2.Conkers are another thing to collect! If you find a hard, solid conker you can connect it to a piece of string, tie it on a stick, tell your friend to do the same and have conker wars who ever’s conker cracks first loses. You could always collect them and display them in your room. To display them you can line them up or tie string to them and hang over your bed. Then every morning you can wake up to spinning conkers right in front of you.


3.Wildlife! Only if you look hard enough you will see squirrels or hedgehogs storing food for winter. You have to be very quite to make sure it doesn’t run away into the bushes or run up a nearby tree. Although they are so cute you can’t keep them as pets. Hedgehogs have sharp spikes on them and squirrels are super speedy and they have sharp claws. But on the bright side you can admire their ways on how they live.

4.Darkening sky’s! Now it is autumn it will get darker faster and most people think it’s 7 o’clock when it is only 6. There is also some great views at times that we wouldn’t be able to see them. When you look outside every night there is a new, unique pattern of purples, reds and blues.

5.Halloween decorations!! I have been seeing loads of Halloween decorations being sold in shops. Halloween is scary and cool at the same time. It is scary because last year we had ‘killer clowns’ but it’s just silly. It’s also cool because you get free candy for going up to your neighbours door and saying TRICK OR TREAT!!! And you see loads of costumes, kids wearing mum-made costumes and you get to wear your own unique costumes.

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    I really enjoyed reading your article. Well done.


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