The strangest place in the world

Last year I went to the strangest place in the world with my class… The Forbidden Corner.It was an amazing adventure.

Here are some facts about Forbidden corner:

  • Super fun for everybody-1-100 years.
  • Located in North Yorkshire.
  • Walk-12 hours 24 minutes,Car-1hour 25 minutes.
  • It was built in 1980’s.
  • The owner is Tupgill park estate.

When we started our trip, it looked scary,but then when you went inside,it wasn’t scary at all(it was just funny).If you move the uvula it burps.When you entered ,there is a maze that you have to go through.After you went through the maze there were 5 paths we went through 2,they were wrong.When we went through the 3rd path it was the right one.My favourite part was the stepping stones.There are stones and water and you have to step on the stone.There is a sensor which feels you stepping on the stones and it splatters water at you.

It is a awesome place I really recommend it.



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