The Story of Emily Carson

”It was no one’s fault except mine! I should have done what I was told to do, I shouldn’t have wandered in”

I stood there. Silent. Still. Staring at the abysmal fairground. The clouds showed no sign of mercy as they rolled into what was all happiness and joy to a murky and gloomy fairground. My hands touched the ice cold handles on the Ferris wheel, with the tip of my fingers I touched the cart he sat on, the cart it all ended on, the cart where he has passed away. My mother had always told me to forget what had happened, but I couldn’t, it was hard enough to try and not to wander into the fairground when I walk to and from school. Image result for tearsSometimes when I’m trying to get to sleep I can hear her faint cries and wails downstairs and sometime I even find  myself  being covered in tears.

One day I was just, well shall I say ‘minding my own business’, walking around the fairground. But, I heard an unusual thudding sound from underneath me. For a start I just thought that it was normal but then it started to get louder and louder. I didn’t have the slightest idea of what was happening! I realized that this didn’t usually happen so I phoned my mum but all she said was “Oh. It’ll be ok! You’ll be fine you’re probably hallucinating.” For a moment I took her advice but then I thought for a minute that she can’t be right she just can’t! I mean this doesn’t happen everyday, so she must be wrong.

While all of this was happening the thudding was getting louder by the second, for a minute I had to practically strain my ears just to hear my mother gentle voice. Suddenly there was aloud thunderous CRACK! I turned around dropping my phone on the ground. There was a large dint in the ground. My face went as pale as snow in the early winter. ”E-E-Earthquake” I stammered. I tried to run but my leg couldn’t move, I tried again but this time it worked and I started to run away but I tripped over a log and a large amount of warm blood poured out from my arm in crimson red. I tried to run again but my legs just wouldn’t let me.

There was another loud BANG and the Ferris wheel  slowly broke off and was falling slowly but surely in my direction. I stumbled off the log and I sprinted. The Ferris wheel had fallen and the log was broken into endless pieces. But the ground was still breaking and I was still in the fairground so I made a run for it while all of the rides were falling down behind me just about missing me. I looked back as I was running and all that was left was rack and ruin, even worse than it was. It was the only thing that helped me to remember my dad the only thing left of him. But I had to stop thinking about that because I was still running, I small van came running towards me and almost hit me but I was lucky to get to the other side just in time. I sat down on a bench and looked back, the fair ground was ruined and there was a huge collision in the road.Image result for car crash I started to walk back home wondering what her mum would say, ” You did WHAT??”, ” What has gotten into you lately!” .

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