The Nutcracker

Ella aged six was sitting by the warm, blazing fireplace just as a shooting star flew past. She wished a wish that nobody had wished before.  She wished for a nutcracker.  Ella had wanted one for a bit of a time now but the only one in her town was in an antique shop and it was hundreds or even thousands of pounds.  She had saved up all her birthday money and all her Christmas money for it but it still wasn’t enough to buy the nutcracker. One night Ella had a magical dream, she dreamt of having the Nutcracker in her arms and dancing around in a mystical world prancing and dancing to the dance of the sugar plum fairy.

Suddenly she awoke then saw a bizarre creature standing right in front of her surprised face. It was a giant rat-like creature.  It had long winding whiskers, a bushy thin tail and had dirty grey fur all over its body.  Ella screamed in horror as it stared at her. She hid under the covers hoping that it was a terrible nightmare.  Under the covers, she shivered in fear as the creature still watched her body tremble. She popped her head back out of the covers and saw that the rat was gone and all that stood there was the nutcracker she had wished for.  Her jaw dropped at the sight of it.  Her eyes filled with tears of joy, she jumped out of bed and picked the nutcracker up.

Ella ran into her parent’s room but what she saw was terrifying. Her parents weren’t there.  Instead of her parents a rat once again stood there but for some reason, the rat had a crown on its head. It had emeralds, rubies and sapphires all over it with golden glitter shimmering in the light.  She looked at the crown and thought why does he have a crown on his or her head it is a rat then her imagination burst with ideas maybe he is a prince or maybe a princess it could be a queen or even king when she said king the rats eyes lit up like two pearls she thought that he was nasty at first but now she knew that he was kind and he wasn’t going to eat her or at least that was what she thought….

Suddenly the rat creature stole Ella’s Nutcracker.  She screamed as it jumped out of the bedside window and all that remained was a single hair that lay on the edge of the window.  She ran to see if her brother Lucas was in his room and surprisingly he was.  She yelled at him that their parents weren’t there and that giant rats were in the house. Lucas didn’t believe her because he was so much older than her.  He was twelve.  Ella begged him to believe her but he didn’t.  Ella brought the hair in from the window and showed it to Lucas but he still did not believe her.   She went into her bedroom and flopped onto her dazzling golden bed.   Ella cried and cried.  She couldn’t stop thinking about where her mum and dad were so she ran back into her bedroom.   She couldn’t believe her eyes, her mum Janet and her father David lay there peacefully. Ella shook them and they woke up immediately.  She hugged them so tightly that her mum could hardly breathe.  Suddenly, the rat king was back.  Ella screamed,  he snatched her and jumped swiftly back out of the window.  Lucas witnessed it.  Ella was right…..

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  • 12/21/2018 at 8:09 pm

    Cool. Is it a real film?


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