The Ghosts of Pere La Chaise

It was  late at night.  The dark streets of Paris were still jammed with traffic. The ink-filled sky was glistening whilst the full moon gazed down onto the city’s rooftops.

Over the perimeter, was a mass of beach trees beaming at an indistinct, shadowy cemetery.

Suddenly, alert resounding footsteps arrived next to the grave of Jim Morrison. A beam of gold and yellow darted past. Tiny orbs tailgated the little girl as she dashed to an unfamiliar location.

Breathing heavily, the little girl stopped. As she stood catching her breath, she peeled back her colourful hood from her head and questioned, “Monsieur Chopin.”

Spontaneously, a chord struck from a piano nearby. The girl swivelled her head to her right. A smile spread across her face.

She turned and bounded up the uneven stone steps to track the trail of music, running to a nearby grave to get a better view. Her eyes widened as she witnessed a mysterious silhouette playing an overgrown, vintage piano – the orbs and illuminated graves as the audience; the orbs started to dance and gleam as a man jabbed the keys of the instrument of the dead…

At the piano, sat a pale skinned pianist. He had shaggy shoulder length hair; long spindly fingers; and spaghetti thin arms. He was wearing a jet-black tail coat which draped over the leather-topped piano stool.

Unpredictably, the girl’ mobile started to ring as the pianist kept playing. Her eyes widened as she gasped; speedily, she reached her hand into her pocket to retrieve her phone. Unfortunately, her butter fingers made her phone flutter high into the air. The girl vaulted and reached as high as she could. Finally she grabbed her gadget and sat herself down, crouching onto a nearby rock and answered the call

“Honey where are you, you’ve been out for ages!” asked her anxious, soft-spoken mother.

Whispering so she didn’t distract the pianist, she explained reassuringly, “Don’t worry mamma, I’m just at my piano lesson. I’ll be home soon.”

“What?” alleged her mother, confused with the news she had just heard.

In a rush the girl said, ” It’s okay.  See you later. Bye!”

Returning her phone to her hoodie’ pocket, the girl crept quietly, hiding behind the pianist’s piano. Whilst the pianist was still playing, the girl energetically jumped up to scare him

“Are we ready to start now?” asked the girl as she let out a little laugh. In fright, the pianist accidentally fell backwards onto the stone cold floor.

“Monsieur Chopin.” said the girl, trying to find out if he was alright.

“You’re late Lucy!” replied Chopin angrily.

Lucy grinned and asked, “Why do you look so…pale?”

Sarcastically Chopin exclaimed, “That might be because I’m dead Lucy!  Come round here and I’ll show you what piece of music we are going to play today.”

“Okay,” agreed Lucy, still smiling.

Chopin excitedly announced, “That piece of music I was just playing then is the one we are going to learn today.”

Lucy was so excited she just burst out with happiness and joyfully said, “That piece was amazing I am so so excited to learn it with you!” She then enquired, “But what exactly is the piece called?”

“It is called Fantasie Impromptu,” explained Monsieur Chopin.

Later that night when Lucy finally got home, she reflected on all the memories she had of that night with a famous pianist named Monsieur Chopin…

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    It was really interesting


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