The Frozen Boy

My name is Kamran Hussain and I am a fabmagger. This story is very short. I will make them longer in the future. Hope You Enjoy!

Hello, I am called frozen boy or glitch as much people call me. My real name is Zack Myers. I go to OLV and this is my story.

It started as a regular day…

I was chatting to my friends and my teacher called Sam, called me in to his office.

“Do you know why your here?”

“No sir” I replied.

“Well you have been very what’s the word? … ah yes cataclysmic!” He answered back.

“WHY?” I said stunned.

“For eating and drinking during class.” He had a very smug smile. He had suspended me for the rest of the week. I sighed and left his office. I froze. not again. I managed to strike out of it. Next, I proceeded on towards the canteen I stopped and stared at my friends. What were they doing? OH MY GOD they were going up to Maria Stubborn.

She was the girl who sold video games. And if you couldn’t see she was very stubborn. They were buying Prophecy:33.

I wanted that game so much. Anyways, I got up, but instead of going to them I ran to the janitors closet. There was rumours that whoever went in NEVER came out alive, to tell the tale. I walked slowly up to the door. Not knowing what was inside I opened it. AAAGH….. To be continued.

2 thoughts on “The Frozen Boy

  • 10/17/2017 at 11:54 am

    what’s in the closet ! TELL ME PLEASE I’M TO TEMPTED !


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