The five children that saved the day by Jemma

This story is about when teachers in St Josephs save the day against….

Once at ST Mary’s it was a cloudy day and the sun was trying to come out but the clouds just wouldn’t let the sun out. Up above the clouds a space ship was flying. The space ship wanted to come and land but the clouds started to rain and everyone went inside so the space ship had to stay in the air were no one could see the ship. Once everyone was inside the ship started to go down, down and down. Then it landed in the playground but no one sore it. No one knew what was up above the clouds because it had landed. This thing landed with a big BANG! The teachers told the the children to stay inside of the building whilst the adults went and investigated but five children called, Sofie,Ben,Philip,Jane and Alex. They secretly went out to investigate. They were out before the teachers did so they bared up the doors so that they could not come out because they were the smartest in the school. They went strait up to it and strait away they said “ALIENS”. I told you that they are the smartest in the school. The thing opened. DON DON DON. “ITS THE END OF THE WORLD,” Sofie shouted in terrer. Ben just said “Be calm if it is aliens then they might be able to smell your fear of them.” Sofie shouted back and said “How is that suppose to make me fell now.” The aliens came out and screamed and so did Sofie. Philip knew something was wrong he thought why are there aliens here on earth instead of up in space. Philip went inside(he is the one that wants to know everything). Inside the ship he found out that the thing sleeps in a pod.Philip wondered what the thing was then he went to the control room, and sore a picture. Philip wispered”Aliens!” So he creeped out, and told the others what it was aliens. They were so exited to hear that, but Jane just fainted.  Jane asked, “How are we suposed to get them out!”  They were all thinking about how to get them out and off the planet.  Then Ben had an idea, “We could just ask whats up.” “But we don”t speak alien thore,” said Jane. Alex said, “But I have a translation macian so we can.”So they used the translator to read what the alien was saying and he siad that he crashed hear and didn’t mean to do that. The teachers called for an enjiner to come and fix the space ship. So the anjiner came fixed the space ship. The alien said”thank you for fixing my ship for me, now I can go home to my wife and children.” So the alien went home and everyone went home afterschool. The children went home and told there parents but they didn’t belive them. So that brings us to the end of the story.

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