Snow is falling poem

Snow flakes fall and icicles point down,

Woolly scarfs and thick fluffy coats,

Deer roam and robins fly,

Ponds freeze and ice skaters dance,

Winter is wonderful in every way,

Singing carols on Christmas day,

Snow angels are made and snow balls are thrown,

Ice covers the ground whilst strong winds are blown,

Trees are bare and leaves are on the ground,

The strong winds are blowing them around and around,

If the snow falls down heavily and settles on the ground,

The sledges come out and its fun all around,

Snowmen are built with a carrot as its nose,

Twigs for its arms and snowballs for its toes,

When all is made it doesn’t last,

The winter is going fast,

I head inside to take of my scarf and my hat,

I get a piece of cake all nice and fat,

My mum get’s me a cup of hot co-co,

And my dad gets me a nice warm blanket,

We all sit in front of the tv and snuggle,

Then we all fall asleep together,


One thought on “Snow is falling poem

  • 11/17/2018 at 4:25 pm

    That is fantastic Maisie please do another poem. LOL.


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