Slenderina: The Cellar- Game Review

Warning: This is a horror game so play with caution. It may scare young children.

Slenderina: the cellar is a horror game where you go into a cellar trying to find 8 books. BUT… it’s not that easy. A 11 year-old ghost appears out of no-where at random. The way to survive is to look away as fast as you can. Remember if you want to play you have to be 9 or older: this game is rated 9+. You have to go through long corridors with doors at either side which lead into rooms that are always different. While you try to find books, you have to look for keys to open up locked doors which may have either a book, a key or nothing.

You have multiple levels with how difficult it is and what type of get. Slendrina is very spooky person and can really make you jump if she pops up in front of you. This game has quite a lot of other games around of Slendrina: Slendrina the School, Slendrina the House and twelve or eleven others. These games are made by a company called DVLoper But if you would like to know more or see what you have to be prepared for I suggest watching DanTDM on youtube because he’s a family friendly youtuber and will also give you a warning for younger viewers.

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