Princess Lava chapter 3

Chapter 3

The Snake Escape

It was time to go to the Snake House. Lorna wore her new birthday t-shirt and skinny jeans (even though they didn’t fit quite right with her bulging droops of fat) and Gemma wore an adult-size small shirt which was a hand-me-down from Lorna. The Johnsons had a gleaming, fabulous, shiny red car. Gemma had only been inside it once, that was when the Johnsons took her to empty the bins at the trash center. The Johnsons got into the car Mr Johnson at the driver’s seat, Mrs Johnson int the passenger seat and Lorna Johnson in the back. Gemma noticed that Lorna had loads comfy scarves ad pillows and sheets to keep her seats nice and plush. That obviously meant she took up all three seats so Gemma had no place to sit except the boot which was the dustiest place in the car.

The Johnsons finally arrived at the Snake house. There were statues of snakes everywhere, Gemma didn’t really like snakes.

“Scared Snipp?” asked Lorna. Gemma hated it when people called her Snipp, it wasn’t even her proper surname. “This is my birthday and you’d better do as say.” Gemma looked at her like she didn’t care. She would do as Lorna said, or maybe even the opposite! The Snake House was very creepy, it had snakes in tanks wherever you looked! Lorna ran over to a python. Gemma knew what was going on: the snake was sleeping. Lorna started banging on the glass to wake it up.

” Stop! It’s asleep!” Said Gemma.

” It’s boring!” said Lorna. Lorna started walking off. Gemma peered through the tank which was where the sleeping python was. Just as she looked in, the python immediatly woke from it’s sleep.

” Hello.” said Gemma not feeling a bit frightened.

” Hissssssssssss” Whispered the python.

“Where are you from? Where’s your family?” Gemma felt a bit weird talking to a snake. The python turned it’s head to look at a sign next tot the tank. It read:

Brazilian Python

Found in North Brazil. Family lost while capturing. Baby pythons also found nesting next to mother. Found in 18th June 2004.

And more…

” Oh, its the same with me. But i don’t really know if they’re lost. You have brothers and sisters do you?” asked Gemma. The python nodded.

” Mum, Dad! Look!” shouted Lorna while shoving Gemma to the floor. ” The snake is moving!” Gemma was more furious that she’d ever been before. She fixed her eyes on Lumpy Lorna and then on the snake tank. She felt a sudden twitch in her stomach, it spread all around her body, then a tingle in her hands as if she had pins and needles. The tingle went up and up and up until it reached her eyes. Tiny sparks shot out  from her eyes, so tiny that even Gemma couldn’t see them, the sparks shot right on the glass of the tank, it made a crack. Another tiny pair of sparks and the glass practically vanished. Before Lorna knew it, she was inside the tank, screaming for help. The python slithered out.

” Thanksssssssssssssssss” whispered the snake.

Gemma was dragged to the car and to the house.

” You, have done enough damage for this day!” screamed Uncle Graham. Aunt Macmilla wrapped Lorna in a blanket. Uncle Graham pushed Gemma into her room under the stairs, he was whispering words that Gemma had never heard him say before.

” No! Please! I haven’t done anything!” cried Gemma. ” I don’t have a clue of what happened! One minute the glass was there and the next minute, it vanished! It was like magic!” Uncle Graham locked the door.


This is the last chapter of Princess Lava. A lot more has happend to Gemma, but carry this story on and please read my future articles.

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