Pig Pandemonium

20th April 2018———————————————————-50p

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Pig Pandemonium

Last night, there were several reports of “flying” pigs in the town of Waterbridge. They had experienced the same thing but with frogs on lilypads instead a couple of years ago.

Jimmy Banks, aged 22 says, “As I was coming back from work, I heard lots of squealing and pig noises coming from my backyard, so I went to see what is was. There was a horde of pigs flying towards me and some were in troughs, one even was stuck in the tree!” He also reported that one of the pigs flew inside his house and went back out the window again.

Carl Johnny, aged 69 said his pigs were missing when he went to go feed and wash them. He also said, “My troughs have gone too and I contacted the police. I think someone might’ve robbed my pigs.”

The police are currently at the scene with a team of scientists and vets. One of the vets says that it might have something to do with the flying frog incident. The frogs had heliumsosotis ,which meant they were abnormally light and that caused them to fly. The scientists have taken a small sample of the pigs’ blood and are working on a medicine that will stop heliumsosotis and prevent it from happening again.

It has been a very weird day for the people in Waterbridge and they hope this never happens again. Who knows? There could be a case of flying dogs and cats in the future. If you have spotted any pigs flying where you live, contact these numbers:

Vets For Pets


Trotters and Hooves


*Please do not contact any of the numbers above!

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  • 04/23/2018 at 8:09 pm

    How strange! I saw two flying pigs only last night Afsana 🙂


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