New years day

New Year’s day is, approaching, a time when millions of people will celebrate with food and new resolutions

Many people ring in New Year’s day  by popping open a bottle of champagne. Americans drink close to 360 million glasses of sparkling wine during this time.

New Year’s Day marks the start of a new year in the Gregorian calendar, the official calendar used in the United Kingdom.

New Year’s Day is time for recovering from the excesses of the night before.  For others, it is the last day of the Christmas holiday before they return to work. Some take the opportunity to carry out home improvements or to go for a walk in the country. In many places around the United Kingdom’s coast, groups of people dress up in fancy costumes and run into the cold sea.

During the new year people make new years resolutions. New years resolutions are like promises to yourselves that you try not to break.

                                 Whats your new years resolution?

2 thoughts on “New years day

  • 01/09/2016 at 9:45 am

    Good article. I like the bit about the groups of people in fancy costumes and running into the sea. I learned a lot! You could use a picture

  • 01/11/2016 at 11:20 am

    Great article Jessica, my new years resolution is to do more exercise!


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