My Favourite Video Games

4 – Rocket League

Rocket League is a game where you play football with cars! It was released in July 2015 but only on play station and Microsoft Windows and released for other platforms later on. You can choose to be a goalkeeper or a outfielder I like how you can upgrade your car to give yourself an advantage.

3- The NBA Games

The NBA games series is a series of basketball games by EA, where you can choose which team you play as you can play a computer or play with a friend you can also practice. I like the game because you have to time your shots well.

2 – Superhot

Superhot is a first-person game where time moves slower if you don’t move you have to fight your way to victory and get creative by throwing bottles stealing their guns or just go and punch to them all.


1 – Forza

Forza has become my favourite game by far. Forza is a car racing game and it is very good. In Forza Horizon 4, you have to earn point to qualify for the next season, if you do the weather will change. My favourite car in this game is a Mosler MT900s which I have fully upgraded. I like how it is on road and you have to control your speed for turns.

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  • 03/05/2019 at 9:00 am

    Our favourite game is Fortnite


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