My Jet-Vac

Hello, I have chosen Jet-Vac because it is one of my favourite drawing. It is very detailed so I hope you enjoy my description.

My drawing is a Skylander  character called Jet- Vac.  Jet- Vac has two grey, cool guns and his head is black. He has fluffy feathers on his head, his neck and underneath his belt and his claws are sharp as a knife.  Jet Vac has a brown belt and bumpy scales on his shoulder and thighs, his helmet is very hard. He has a cool jet pack on his back and his skin is black. Even inside the mouth it is black and his beak is yellow. He has a vest that is brown and he has yellow eyes. His hands are sharp as razor blades and some of his feathers are black. He has a brown belt with the air element sign on it and he has black knee pads.

I  really like Jet-Vac and he is a true hero.

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