My first pair of pointe shoes

What is ballet?

Ballet is a type of dance that takes many years to practice. I have been doing it for 6 years. People think it is very slow and easy but it’s not. It takes a very long time to practice and can be at any speed. Ballet is always moving unless it’s a pause in the dance or music. This takes years of hard work and a big determination. You move your arms and legs in a certain simultaneous way to create a beautiful dance sequence.

What are point shoes?

Pointe shoes are what ballerinas wear. You can go on your full pointe on the tips of your toes because these shoes are very strong. The ballerina wears special pads over all her toes to protect them from breaking and the front of the toe is very strong to protect your feet from curling and breaking. Pointe shoes take around an hour to fit and they have to be fit perfectly to your feet. They cost around £50.00 if you want to buy a perfect pair and your first pair will last only 3 months because you put lots of pressure on them so they wore out really easily. You have to have had at least 3 years of continuous 3 lessons a week before you can get pointe shoes.


How I feel about getting my first pair of pointe shoes

I feel so excited as iv’e been waiting for my pointe shoes for around 2 years. When my dance teacher told me I was very happy and I have been working very hard so I will be very strong. You need to have very strong ankles and feet because it can damage your feet and it will hurt , although you have padding. If I don’t train properly I could really damage my feet.



After I have got my point shoes


Now I have got my first pair of pointe shoes and it feels a lot different than I expected. I thought it would hurt a lot more than it does but this is because they are made for my feet and I have toe pads which are gel pads that cover your toes to protect them.  I went to a place called planet dance and they had a look at the shape of my foot then picked out a few different types of shoes to try on.



Working on pointe

Working on pointe is very difficult and can damage your feet but it also strengthens your feet and is a big step in ballet. You can do certain exercises to help and to break in your shoes which means you bend and stretch them so they work properly. Your feet and toes will push on the box, platform and the vamp the most so they hold your feet and you have to be very careful that you don’t push on them too much or you could damage your toes.


I hope you have learnt a lot about ballet and pointe work.




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