My Favourite Season of the year!

My topic for this week on Fabmag, is my favourite season. My favourite season is winter because it sometimes snows which means you can go sledging and spend time with your family. In winter it is really cold and frosty so most families spend some of their time reading books by the fire or watching a movie together with a nice hot chocolate. For food during winter, a soup would be nice and warming like a sweet potato and butternut squash with lemon and garlic toast. For a pudding a classic winter fruitcake or squidgy chocolate pear pudding would finish off your winter tea. Winter is a festival season because its Christmas and you can open presents, have a delicious Christmas meal with your family. I like wrapping up and keeping warm when its winter because my family like to walks around the moors of Salt and Pepper Pots.

I hope you enjoyed my article this time!

Image result for beautiful pictures of winter

One thought on “My Favourite Season of the year!

  • 04/07/2017 at 9:08 am

    my favorite season is winter too. very good piece of work Ellie!


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