My family trip to Disneyland Paris

The trip was amazing.  You should really go. The minute I walked into the hotel my eyes nearly exploded. There was even a swimming pool. We had two double beds and one sofa bed because I went with my two sisters, my mum and my stepdad. There are  three main hotels to choose from: the main hotel (which is the one I stayed in), the adventure hotel and the princess hotel. There was a big fountain and flowers which made a picture of Mickey Mouse. You could see nearly everything from the fountain.

There is a group of restaurants, too many to count, when we went into the swash bucklers restaurant the meal choices weren’t really to my liking, but I tried something and it was out of this world, the food really was outstanding. The view from there was great too, you could see a huge waterfall outside. Plus there was a massive skull rock.

My favourite ride was definitely Hyper Space Mountain that is the best ride by far it was so fast and you suddenly stopped then set of as fast as lightning. My second favourite ride was Rock’n’Rollercoster because you went up and down,  upside down and sideways. It was fab. All the rides I went on were fantastic but these two were the best.

We also went to the Disneyland Wild West Show staring Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Goofy. The acts were incredible they were riding bulls and horses very fast and performed it as a story. They served food and drink as well. We went to the parade which had nearly all of the Disney characters there was even Malificent when she turned into a dragon and breathed real fire. The last main event we went to was a Disney story on ice. It was a few Disney characters performing a story on ice.

That is it for my trip to Disneyland Paris. I hope you enjoyed reading it and get to go there yourself.

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