May the Battle Commence!

When Lizzie finally woke up, she was in a clean, white room in a hospital. Her mum looked down on her with piercing crystal blue eyes and a calm expression on her face. All this made Lizzie wonder why she was here. Then the past week’s events dawned back to her.The lightningthe person in the cloak and many more strange thoughts took place in her mind. Suddenly, her mum began to talk. Lizzie blocked all means of more thoughts as she gripped Mrs Jones’ hand tightly and listened to what she had to say.

“Thanks to this small mishap, we’re moving back to London. You’ll go to St Bernadette’s again, and you can have Lila and Oliver round like you guys used to. So how excited are you?”

Lizzie loosened her grip and closed her eyes for a moment.She knew she would love to have Lils and Ollie around again, but a part of her wanted to complete the difficult job entrusted to her. Her mum looked at her with pleading blue eyes and an expression on her face that clearly said please say yes.

Lizzie replied in the most sensible way (or she thought) by saying “Wow mum, when are we leaving?”

Her mum answered ” We are going next month.”

Lizzie felt like a huge bombshell landed on her lap. She only had 1 month to: find Sneaky Siri, to find a weapon better than his and to destroy the evil super villain once and for all.

Life was confusing for Lizzie, and she hoped that she would be back to normal life soon.

Mind you, life was never easy for a certain Lizzie Jones. Her mother had told her when she was fifteen that she was unusual. Mrs Jones said that when she was a baby, whenever she slept she made the lights go off in the whole hospital and they never came back on until Lizzie had awoken. Another time was that Lizzie had run away from home when she was 7, but she came back again at night in the middle of a thunderstorm. All these things had something to do with lighting, her mother had said on that fateful day.

Suddenly, a bright light overcame Lizzie and spoke to her mother in a rasping voice.

Lizzie Jones will leave this estate only when her work is done.” 

And with those words Lizzie felt herself


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