When parents say you can go anywhere, they really mean, it just in your imagination. You can go anywhere in your imagination. Imagination is great because you can use it anywhere, anytime. It’s especially good when your’e bored, or got nothing to do. Every one has an imagination, so you can use your imagination to imagine anything in the world, even things that don’t exist. You can use your imagination to imagine a life time supply of  sweets or a world where you get your own way all the time. Some people say that it’s brilliant ; some people just don’t understand, so here’s how it works. (easier version ) Your mind takes a shape and uses it to  make the image you want. Tip: it’s easier if you close your eyes and it’s really useful when your trying to get to sleep. Here are a couple funnily  answered  jokes that will get your imagination running.

Question:  What did the pirate say when the mouse stole his can of cashews and used it as a getaway car?

Answer:  Aaargh!  That mouse is drivin’ me nuts!

Question: What do you get when you throw a potato down the side of a hill?

Answer: A potato roll

Question: What do you get when you launch a potato into outer space?

Answer: Spudnik

Question:  What kind of babies does a potato have?

Answer:  Tater-tots

Question:  What do you call a potato cop?

Answer:  A popo-tato.


One thought on “Imagination

  • 10/10/2016 at 11:35 am

    Really funny jokes i just don’t know were you get them from.


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