How Tom became a football star.

Not far from England, there was a boy called Tom and is amazing at football. One day, he received an invitation from Barcelona F.C. to play with them. Tom felt surprised and very excited!

When Tom arrived in Barcelona, they saw how good he was and their manager thought that Tom could play for them because he was quick, agile and tall. Two days later, there was a match against Manchester United and Tom was playing in the midfield as number 14. At the 20th minute, he scored from a penalty but from kick off, Pogba scores. In the second half, Ibrahimovic scores from a free kick but Messi scores at the 87th minute. At the last minute, Tom scores from an amazing volley.

After the match was over, they had a celebration and they had a change with the team so Tom was playing in the attack. Next time when then they were doing training, they were practising free kicks and Tom, Messi and Suarez scored two top corner goals so their team would have a chance at winning the Laliga title and they won the match all because of Tom.

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