Geese Invasion

Sol was sprawled out on the sofa, munching on a bag of pretzels and slurping a cool glass of lemonade.

“Sol! Get off that sofa this instant! It’s a sunny day, you should be outside!” her dad yelled.

“Ugh, whatever.” Sol grudgingly got off the sofa and mooched outside. She flopped down onto the grass, soaking in the sun. All of a sudden, there was a honking noise in the distance, like the sound a goose would make.

Sol sat up in alarm. Cautiously, she got up off the ground, tip-toeing silently over to the large shrub that was nestled in the corner of the backyard.

Sol peered into the shrub, but nothing was there except an old tennis ball and some squashed flies.

“Yuck!” Sol thought. She was about to go back to flopping down on the grass when she spotted a large goose staring ahead in her direction.

“It must be thirsty on a hot day like this,” Sol muttered. “Hey there, do you want some water?” she asked, edging nearer to the goose. It honked, as if it was saying yes. She ran inside and came back with a small bowl of water. The goose pecked at Sol’s arm.

“Oww! I know you’re hungry but you didn’t need to peck me!” she grumbled as she set down the bowl. She left the goose alone in the backyard and went back inside.

That evening, Sol’s dad was going out for dinner.

“Sol, I’ll be back in a few hours, okay? You can invite Hilary around if you like.” her dad said, closing the door behind him.

Sol dialled Hilary’s number on her phone and within minutes Hilary had arrived.

“Hey Sol! You do know there’s, like, two geese or whatever in your backyard sat in a bowl?” Hilary asked as she jumped down onto the sofa.

“Really? A few hours ago I saw a goose and gave it some water. I guess it brought along one of its friends or something.” Sol said, shrugging her shoulders.

“Maybe it’s having a party!” Hilary exclaimed.

“Yeah, I don’t think so. Do you wanna come with me to-” Sol’s words were cut short as she heard a loud honk and something tapping on the door.

“What’s that noise?” Hilary whispered. Sol got up off her seat and decided to investigate. There was a shuffling sound, as the geese got through the cat flap! Cinnamon the cat was curled up in her basket and was clearly confused. She padded over the living room and proceeded to nap again on the sofa.

“How can you be sleeping at a time like this?!” Sol shrieked. But the geese were already in the living room, honking and nipping at everything they could see. There were too many to count!

Suddenly, Hilary had an idea. “My brother has this weird mask from Halloween, it might scare the geese away!” she exclaimed.

“It’s crazy but it might work! Go get it, I’ll try to fend off these geese!” Sol shouted over the noisy honking.

“Are you sure?” Hilary yelled as she reached for the doorknob.

“Yes! Get it now!” Sol shrieked as she shooed the geese away with her hands.

Once Hilary left to get the Halloween mask, Sol was left to fend for her own. Cinnamon clawed at a goose’s beak, trying to scratch it somehow.


The phone rang noisily on the table, it was Sol’s dad.

“Sol, I’m coming home a little early, okay?” her dad said. “What’s all that noise?”

“Um…me and Hilary are watching a m-movie!” Sol stuttered.

“Turn the sound down a little, we’ll be getting complaints from the neighbours soon!” her dad laughed.

“Okay, bye Dad!” Sol quickly hung up and swatted some geese away.

“Where’s Hilary?!” Sol thought, a look of frustration crept up on her face. “Go away, you stupid goose!”

Hilary sprinted through the door, clutching a werewolf mask and kicking the geese to get out of her way.

“I’m here!” Hilary panted breathlessly. She threw the mask over to Sol and she put it on, making growling noises.

“Grr!” Sol jumped down off the sofa and the geese cocked their heads back. But then there was a peculiar noise, someone unlocking the door. It was Sol’s dad!

“Sol, WHAT IS GOING ON?!” her dad shrieked.

“It’s a long story! Can you PLEASE help us to get these geese out?!” Sol grumbled.

Everyone was clearing out the geese (except Cinnamon) and the living room soon turned back to its normal state.

Hilary left and it was just Sol, Cinnamon and her dad.

“Whew! I’m glad that’s over!” Sol sighed in relief.

“So am I!” her dad yawned. “Anyways, how did the geese get in?”


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