Easter bunny bookmark

You need:

  • origami paper (or regular paper cut into a square) – pastel colors work great for Easter.
  • wiggle eye stickers
  • white paper
  • black marker
  • scissors and glue



Fold the paper diagonally.Unfold.Fold into a triangle(colored side on the outside).Grab hold of the top of the triangle(one sheet only)and fold it toward the bottom of the triangle.Fold the left and right corner towards the bottom centre of the triangle.Crease and unfold.Again grab the corner, this time folding it towards the top of the triangle. Crease well. Do the same with the other side. Now tuck both tops inside the pocket. You now have your corner bookmark. If you choose, you can tuck the white triangle inside the pocket. Now its time to turn this DIY  corner bookmark into a bunny corner bookmark. Cut out ears, teeth and the snout then glue them on the corner bookmark. Add two eye stickers (or just draw your own).


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