Captain Marvel Film Review

The character Captain Marvel is an American comic book hero owned by Marvel comics. The character was created by Stan Lee designed by Gene Colan. Captain Marvel first appeared in the comics in December 1967.

The Captain Marvel movie came out on March 8th 2019.  Captain Marvel is known as Carol Danvers in the movie. She is an air force pilot who gains her powers in an explosion. Her powers include flying, superhuman strength and photon blasts. The movie starts off with Carol Danvers on a planet called Kree. The Kree are warriors who don’t like the Skrulls. Carol trains with the Kree and Yon-Rogg is her mentor. One day Carol (Captain Marvel) is running away from the Skrulls. Then she go’s to Earth there she meets Nick Fury, who in 1995 is a new agent for Shield ( the organisation that helps and manages the Avengers.) Nick Fury and Captain Marvel work together to stop the Skrull invasion on Earth and became friends. This is Nick Fury’s first encounter with a superhero. The first mention of Captain Marvel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe came in the post credit scene for Infinity War where Nick Fury uses the pager Captain Marvel gave him to ask her for help after the snap Thanos does.

The Captain Marvel movie is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it is the 21st Marvel Cinematic Universe movie to come out but the movie is set in 1995, which is before the avengers came together. We will see Captain Marvel again in Avengers Endgame, which is the new Marvel Cinematic Universe movie.

At the box office, Captain Marvel has reached a billion dollars.



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