CAFOD is a charity which helps millions of people living in poverty across the world. And if you don’t know what CAFOD stands for, it stands for Catholic Agency For Overseas Development.

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                               How did CAFOD start?

CAFOD started when Jaquie Stuyt and Elspeth Orchard came together with other women from the National Board of Catholic Women, the Catholic Women’s League and Union of Catholic Mothers to set up the first ever Family Fast Day in 1960. Two years later in 1962, the Bishop’s Conference of England and Wales registered CAFOD as an official charity.


What does Catholicism have to do with CAFOD? 

At CAFOD, they believe that their Catholic values can help with modern day issues such as poverty and drinking dirty water.


Does CAFOD save lives?

Obviously! During the Nepal Earthquake, they raised more than 3 million pounds! CAFOD can really make a difference to other people’s lives.

How does CAFOD raise so much money?

CAFOD sets up sponsored events around England and Wales. Like this year, ‘Turn small fish into big fish’. In our school, and other schools around England and Wales, we have a giant paper fish to fill with 10ps or 20ps. Once the fish is full and the event is still going on, we get another fish and fill that one too.


Here are some fun facts about CAFOD:

  • CAFOD was originally called CFOD, which stood for Catholic Funding for Overseas Development.
  • Their first campaign was in the Philippines, 1979.
  •  Their most important campaign was the MakePovertyHistory campaign in 2005. 24900 people participated in the event in Edinburgh.
  • The international offices of CAFOD are found in Sierra Leone, Niger, Nicaragua, South Sudan and Kenya.

Here is a picture of one of the CAFOD projects. As I mentioned earlier, this is the “Turn Little Fish Into Big Fish” project.

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We did something a bit like this, but it wasn’t easy filling it!

I hope you enjoyed this article and thank you to Mrs. Thornton who gave me this idea! See you in my next article. Byeee!

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