Biography Of Golden Eagle

I am the Golden Eagle more mighty and fearless than ever. If you want to know about the main highlights of my life then, just stick around and read on till the end.

I was born on the 15th April 2015, but my egg didn’t seem to hatch until the 18th. Bit of a strange birth really if we come to think of it. My trustworthy parents gave me the name Emmanuel. My mum’s name is Esmae and my dad’s name is Edwin. They are really special to me as we will discover later on in my life. I was a cute little chick with the smallest beak. The nest that I was born in was small but oh so comfy. It had lovely orange and pink leaves that my parents had picked in the Autumn season. It also had a lot of eggs that were still yet to hatch. Which I soon came to find out they were to become my brothers and sisters. I felt really excited.

Around about the 4th May, 2015 all of the eggs had hatched. In the end I had 2 sisters and 3 brothers. The sisters were called Ellie and Emma. Brothers were named, Elliott, Ethan and Ezekiel. The first time I caught sight of them I immediately adored every one of them. When mum told their names ( in eagle language ) I thought, what cool names. Ellie looked more like a swan then a Golden Eagle. Emma was like a fat, white and brown pigeon. Elliott, Ethan and Ezekiel all pretty much looked the same. Small beak, big pupils and a lot of fur.

17th March, 2016. This was the day when every chick learnt how to fly. We travelled to a deserted, distant field in Mississippi. Walking is so boring. When we got there we had to climb a tree. We happened to find a nest about mid-way up the tree. So we leapt for joy and made it inside the nest. Ethan was up first. He was ace. No nerves. He just jumped, spread his wings and glided softly across the sky. It was like he had done it before. At this point I felt extremely nervous. Next was Ellie. Shaking like she was in Antarctica with no layers. Fell. Barely spread her wings, and floated swiftly. Ellie started screaming, “Wahoo”, and soared in the sky. Eziekel and Emma just did the same as Ellie. I was up next. All eyes were facing me from the bottom of the tree. I closed my eyes, jumped, spread my wings like everyone else and barely caught wind. But luckily grasped enough air to bring my self up. Slowly starting to the hang of it then landed.

Seen as I am only 4 years old. There will not be that much left. But just enjoy the rest.

26th August, 2016 was the time of the year when me, my brothers and my sisters killed our first animal and ate it. But we weren’t old enough to eat it by ourselves. So we all did it at the same time. We stalked a rabbit until we jumped. Each and every one of us tear a piece of skin and bite and bite. Bones are the only remains of that rabbit. Mmmmm… it was so tasty. I felt much more confident eating more prey.

7th of June, 2019 is where we are at now. I am better at these eagle life skills now. I will continue to get better. All the siblings are doing well as well. Hope you enjoyed my life stories. Bye!


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