Biography about Muhammad Ali


If you are over the age of 8 you should know who Muhammad Ali is, right? The boxing world champion. He was the worlds greatest boxer by far. He only got beaten five times, but that is still very impressive. With an outstanding 56 wins and 37 of those were knockouts. His daughter Laila Ali followed her dad and became a professional boxer.


Muhammad Ali’s birth name is actually Cassius Clay. He then changed his name to a ‘ slave name ‘ called Muhammad Ali. He was born in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. His date of birth was 17th of January 1942. Muhammad Ali Started school at 16.  His family decided that his first school would be Central High School, Kentucky. He started in 11th grade. Muhammad was home schooled all that time until he finally went to school.

Dream job

When Mohammad was 18 he really wanted to become a professional boxer.He went to an audition thing and got the job within the first couple of punches. Within months he played his first light feather-weight against Hunsaker and lost in the 6th round. But that match did not give up his hope of being a professional boxer in heavy-weight. So he carried on training until his next fight, which he won.

Work life

Muhammad finally got the job he desired. Boxer. On February 25th 1964, Ali had his first win in a  pro fight against Sonny Liston, who he knocked out within 34 seconds which was a world record up until Mike Collins floored Pat Brownson in 4.124 seconds in 1983. From then on Muhammad Ali continued his spectacular form and only lost 2 times since then.

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