Rugby is a popular sport around the would played by male and female  all ages . In 2014 there were more than 6 million people worldwide that played rugby. In America they call rugby football in 1987 the first rugby world cup was held in Australia and New Zealand and the inaugural winners were New Zealand. The first world cup seven tournaments was held at Murray field in 1993. In 1895 the rugby was Acrimoniously split into amateur (rugby union) And professional rugby  league divisions. In 1955 rugby union became a professional sport also. Over the years the rules of rugby has evolved. John Wilkinson was born on 25th of may 1979 he is a famous England rugby player.  John  sexton was the star player in 2019. New Zealand is one of the best rugby team at the start of a rugby game  they  do a scary dance.   When a game starts a person  kicks the ball in a match you can barge and take down people. In a rugby field there are lots of lines every were. The ball is in 5 different sizes in a match they play with a size 5 ball.

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