A review on my favourite ride in Disneyland!

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My favourite ride in Disneyland Paris was called Hyper Space Mountain, it was an indoor roller coaster which had 3-4 loops. The best thing was that Mr Devlin got us all a fastpass so we could go on without waiting as long as we would have done without it. We qued up for about 20 minutes and then the nerves started to kick in. I sat next to my bestfriend and dragged her to the back seat of the coaster so it would feel more fast, but she didn’t want to but as soon as the gates to sit on the ride opened I just dragged her on it. The people who were in charge of the ride made sure we were fastened in tight. Then 30 secs later we were starting to move slowly and my friend who I was sat with was not impressed at me for making her sit at the back. We went round a corner quite slow until we reached a tunnel which was cool because you could see all of Disneyland. Then when no one expected it to happen it went so fast into this really dark room. There were lots of red lines all across the room it was cool to see, all of a sudden we were upside down because there was a loop. It started to go up a little slope (that’s when I thought the ride was over). After that was another large drop and my stomach went a little bit. Before I knew it the ride had finished and I loved it but i really wanted to go on it again because it was so cool. You won’t believe what happened next… the que was only 20 minutes long so we lined up and waited to go on it again. This time I sat next to my other friend and OMG she was screaming her head off my ears nearly busted, all she was saying was, ” I want my mummy! ” She wasn’t upset she was just so excited that she shouted out random things.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. My experience in Paris will be one I shall never ever forget. I really appreciate all that my teachers did for us all. xx

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  • 02/11/2019 at 11:54 am

    When we go to Paris, we want to ride this ride.


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