A biography of Jacqueline Wilson


Date of birth\Family life:

Jacqueline Wilson was born on the 17th December 1945, Bath. She spent most of her life in Kingston-on-Thames. Her mother was Margaret Aitken and her father was Harry Aitken. She was an only child and she wanted a special brother and a special sister. Her family was only little. Her husband is William Millar Wilson, 1965-2004. Childhood/Teenage life:

She wrote her first novel when she was only 9. When she was a teenager, she started to work for a magazine publish company and also then went on to be a journalist on Jackie Magazine. The magazine company she was working, was told it was named after her.

Books she has wrote: She wrote lots of stories: Hetty Feather (2017), The Story of Tracy Beaker (1991), The Illustrated Mum (1999), Double Act (1995), Emerald Star (2012), Sapphire Battersea (2011), Lily Alone (2011), The worst thing about my sister (2012), Clover Moon (2016), Opal Plumstead (2014), Lola Rose (2003), Little Stars (2015), The Suitcase Kid (1992), Girls in Love (1997), Dustbin Baby (2001), Sleepover (2001), Wave Me Goodbye (2017), My Sister Jodie (2008), The Lottie Project (2008), Rose Rivers (2018) World of Hetty Feather 2 (2018), Vicky Angel (2000), The Diamond Girl (2004),  The Bed And Breakfast Star (1994), Bad Girls (1996), Starring Tracy Beaker (2006), The Drae Game (2000), The Butterfly Club (2015), Clean Break (2005), The Worry Website (2002), Four Children And It (2012), Rent A Bridesmaid (2016), The Longest Whale Song (2010), Love Lessons (2005), Katy (2005), My Secret Diary (2009), The Mum Minder (1993), The Cat Mummy (2001), My Mum Tracy Beaker (2018), Best Friends (2004), Girls under pressure (2008), Cookie (2008), Glubbslyme (1987), Kiss (2007), Secrets (2002) and lots more. I would say that Jacqueline Wilson Books are brilliant. Hopefully, you like them as well. Between 1-10, how much would you put for some of Jacqueline Wilson books. My favourite book is Hetty Feather because it is very brilliant. What is your favourite book and why?

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