🍂🍁My Autumn Poem🍁🍂

Hello, welcome to my Autumn Poem! I love Autumn, it’s wonderful colours and… wait you have to read my poem to find out what I love about Autumn. Lets get strait into it!

The Autumn Artist

I am the Autumn Artist,
oh the beautiful colours gold, crimson and chocolate brown
Out of all of the seasons I may be the youngest,
but I bring life and showers of colour into town.

You may call me creepy,
and I know that Halloween is in reach,
However soe people see the other side of me,
love, kindness and joy I give to each. 

I am after the Summer Star,
she thinks that she's better than everyone!
Don't even get me started on Winter he takes things to far.
Spring is my best friend, she's like a sister to me, she's one in a million!
The trees sway in my presence,
All of my loyal creature bow down
The birds sing their songs and give presents
As I their Queen strolls on the fiery ground

My auburn hair drifts in the air
My dress flows in the wind
Summer step back into your sizzling lair
I am here and you have sinned

By tricking all those kind people
Into thinking you're the best
But I'm that that type of person
with beauty in which I am blessed 

I hope that you enjoyed my article and I'll see you in my next story! Bye!
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